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Our Newest Model hot to the Market.. Dash-Cam ZFT 801. Touch Screen Operation.

ZFT 801 Features: 3.0"Touch Screen with 140o Wide Angle Lens. H.264Format. Night Vision & G-sensor.

Detailed Features:

* 12V-24Vde voltage range.

* Glass Lens with big aperture to enhance good photographic night time effects.

* Wide Angle lens gives a wide view of the front of the vehicle.

* 3.0 Touch Screen and simple multi-language user interface.

* 1080p@30fps Full HD Video and a seamless recording.

* Compressed format H.264/MPEG4 AVC, file type AV12.0. Automatic saving is supported even if power is lost during recording.

* Snapshot is supported with a simple tap on the screen, even during video recording.

* Built in G-Sensor will automatically keep important video.

* The ZFT 801 complies fully with CE standards and will not interfere with any other electronic in the vehicle.

* The unit operates in silent mode to avoid disturbing the driver.

* The special feature of the ZFT 801 is that the unit can be set to automatically record if a hit or bump is detected even when the driver is absent.

* Low frame rate video recording of 1FPS is possible to record 24/7. This is achieved via the inclusion of a low voltage protection power adapter.

* The unit supports a TF Storage Card up to a maximum of 32Gb.


* This unit is NEW to the U.K. Market and unlike other cheaper units on the market, this one comes to us,

Directly From the Manufacturers Factory



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The New

ZFT 801


Introductory Price:




Remember, without video evidence, it could be your word againt theirs... and that could cost you dearly with points on your license, lost income, solicitors costs and, in the case of Taxi Drivers, damage to your reputation by false and malicious allegations made against you, fare dodgers and assaults.


F007 Double Lens Dash-Cam F011 Single Lens Dash-Cam ZFT 011 - Duel Lens Dash-Cam

Upto 32Gb Capacity msdCard Upto 32Gb Capacity msdCard Upto 32Gb Capacity msdCard


£150.00 £90.00 £130.00




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